My Story (in a nutshell)

After leaving school at 16 to pursue a career in retail management I held several jobs in retail and customer service management before deciding to go travelling at the age of 24. My first stop was too Cyprus to work as a Scuba diving instructor for one summer before heading to Thailand for the winter! Fate had a different plan for me as I met a man who rocked my world and managed to put not just one but two rings on my finger.

The girl who never wanted marriage or children had been tamed by this tattoo’d Essex boy and I never did get to Thailand!

Over the past 15 years we have moved far too many times to count and in September 2020 we moved into our dream home in County Durham. In this time we’ve worked together in a few businesses, including our own tattoo shop and then onto handmade leather planners. I’ve always been the one to come up with the ideas and do all the admin and business side whilst Trevor created the actual products.

We started 2020 like any other year, Trevor in his job as a dog handler and me as a nail technician and beauty therapist. When corona hit I had to pivot (did you say it like Ross? if not I’m so disappointed) my business and developed my own range of acrylic press on nails and went from using skincare products on my clients to retailing them and teaching them how to use them via zoom.

I consider myself truly blessed to have seen growth in my business in 2020 and I am continuing to plan my growth for 2021 with the launch of my Creative Business Coaching programme and the expansion of my team of Temple Spa consultants. I think now it is more important than ever to be supportive to other businesses, especially those run by females. I’d love to hear from you if you feel that I can help you and your business in any way!